Like That

"Like That" is a modern love story that’s a little complicated. Reed Hapwood is a fickle, eccentric college student who has found something he didn’t know he was looking for: a girlfriend. For once he is happy, but at the same time he is extremely frightened. He feels he’s not ready for such a commitment. But even after trying to end the relationship, he can’t help but realize he’s missing something. The next day, Reed feels different. As he reflects on the memories he and his girlfriend have shared over the past few months, including plenty of painful reminders, he can’t ignore it anymore. Then love hits him…just like that.

"Like That" is a 42 page black and white graphic novel written by Patrick Rills with art Allen Gladfelter.

Available as an e-book on Apple Books and the Amazon Kindle. If you want a printed copy, contact me.