Squiddle Doodle to remember or remind

Squiddle for iPhone is the fun way to doodle and take notes on the go! Squiddle gives you the freedom to use your finger to sketch your thoughts right onto your phone at the exact moment they are on your mind. Then you can save them for later or share them with friends. Be silly, serious, or both: it’s up to you. Draw a mustache on your friend, sketch an expressive idea for your spouse or share a brainstorming byproduct with a coworker. Squiddle does the remembering so your mind can be free to think!

Features include:

  • Quickly sketch an idea and share it with friends or upload it to your cloud storage (Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc - must have those apps installed)
  • Mark up a photo or image with important annotations or entertaining messages
  • Use a doodle to set a lively reminder for yourself
  • Organize notes into a series of tags
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